The Enviroment

The Montseny Natural Park was declared a biosphere reserve in 1978 by UNESCO MAB program. Visit every corner during your stay in Les Illes!
Les Illes is the starting point for mountain routes as Matagalls, the ice wells, El Turó de L’Home, St. Marsal…

La tardor al Montseny – El otoño en el Montseny – Autumn in Montseny – Automne à Montseny from Turisme Montseny on Vimeo.

Our Peaks

El Turó de l’Home (1707m)

It is the highest peak of the massif of Montseny and its name comes from the popular culture because its shape reminds a man lying, the dead man.

Les Agudes (1706m)

It is a rocky ridge that forms the second highest peak of Montseny. Legend says that there was a castle owned by the lord of Montseny, although no remains have been found to prove it. From the camping starts a path that leads to the peak through the ice pits.

El Matagalls (1694m)

Has always been a mythical place for excurisionistes and also has religious and nationalist connotations. In fact, at the top we find a cross of considerable size, dedicated to Verdaguer Verdaguer.

Monasteries nearby

Sant Marçal

Sant Marcal is a restored monastery where we can find La Font Bona, the source of the riber Tordera.

Sant Segimon

The sanctuary of St.Segimón stands enigmatic in one of the steepest and most spectacular parts of the mountain, hanging from a ledge of a cliff, not far from the famous cross of Matagalls.

Other points of interest

La Tordera

The campground is adjacent to the source of Tordera. With little flow, is ideal for trips to the pools during the summer.

The ice wells

They are structures that used to keep the water in the solid state when temperatures were already many degrees above zero. The ice that formed was transported to Barcelona and coastal villages to preserve food and drugs.

Cheese shop/factory Can Gorgs

They offer cheese tasting pastor elaborated from local goat’s milk, with panoramic views of the mountain.

El Pla de la Calma

It is a plateau in the western part of the massif of Montseny. It’s a great extenció meadows.